From 1st May to 30th September will be applied the visitor's tax of the municipality of Forio. The extra charge is 3 € per person und per day not exceeding seven days. This tax is not to be paid for minors.

Farm Ruffano

Ruffano is the name of the mountain and the fields around it and also the name of our farm. The simple traditions of the peasants and the caring for biodiversity are a focal point which determine the quality of the ingredients used for cooking food in our restaurants.

Our fresh vegetables are produced without chemicals and fertilizers, as well as fruits and citrus fruits which are used for the homemade jams and cakes. Even honey is special, the most natural, obtained from the Mediterranean flora.

The farm is big, there are also small animals like the famous rabbit which becomes a typical dish of the local cooking. The fields are surrounded by centuries-old olive trees, and the produced oil is “extra-virgin”, that means the best quality, cold pressed in the oil mill.

Also the cellar is very important; it is always open for our guests, and they are invited to taste small local specialities with the red wine Ruffano and the white wine Punta Chiarito. The grapes are produced with love and natural methods.

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